Sunday, September 6, 2009

Superheroes, sunglass cases, summer shirts and my garden!

Heres a few things I've been working on and actually completed this month!

My adorable son, the superhero!
I made this awesome reversable cape from this tutorial
which I have had saved to my favourites for 2 years but only just got around to trying! Its a fabulous tutorial, and so easy to sew, and clearly loved by my 3 year old! And, yes I am fully aware that
Superman does infact have a RED cape on a BLUE costume, but I decided since there was no costume to accompany the cape and I already had the blue broadcloth in my stash that my boy wouldnt mind!
I've also whipped up a few of these sunglass cases to keep my sunglasses from getting all scratched up in my purse. And then a made a few more for my sister and my sister-in-law!
And last week I finished this shirt for my little girl. It started out as a pattern from an online tutorial but I ended up changing it all around and making it my own. It also ended up about 2 sizes too big, which is for the best since the summer is pretty much over here! ( I started this back in the first week of july, finished last week of august. Yep, I'm a procrastinator!)
So thats what I've been up to lately. This week I'm busy with the garden, digging up potatoes, harvesting spaghetti squash, roasting sunflowers seeds, and still working through those dang apples! My deep freeze is filling up fast with muffins, cookies, and pies! So with gardening occupying my precious kid-free nap times I dont have time to take on any big sewing projects and have been working on a few random things here and there when I get a chance. Mostly mending, hemming, and the like, but also my latest blog obsession- felt food! I have made strawberries, corn (complete with removable husk) and eggplant so far, just working with the colors of felt I had stashed away. I would love to make a cake with removable decorations for my kids! They would love it! That is what I daydream about while doing daily mundane chores :)

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