Friday, September 4, 2009

Holy Apples Batman!

Yesterday it was hot out. I mean like 35degree, sit in the shade and sweat hot. So brilliant me filled the kiddy pool and water table and while the kids were splashing around in the pool, I climbed the apple tree and gathered 2 big buckets full of apples. I was a nasty, sweaty, leaf covered mess, but I'm glad I got to them before they rain down on us like vicious hail! Ever been hit in the head by a falling apple? No? Well, it hurts!

So now I have a kitchen full of apples and, despite the heat, have been slaving away trying to bake things with them that can be frozen and enjoyed over the next few months. So far I've made Apple Muffins and Apple Cookies, and I'm now contemplating apple pie.

(If you are wondering where this post title comes from- my son is watching Scooby Doo and Batman for the hundreth time this week, and I guess its wearing off on me!)

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