Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More gifts!

This lilac and white tutu is for my darling newest baby niece Danica! She's 4 months old and I can't wait to have a little ballerina photoshoot! I hope my sister in law is as excited as I am! IThis is only the second tutu I've made, the first was for my own little ballerina in black and aquamarine. I have yet to find a matching shirt so I can take pictures of her modelling it!

And for the little boys in the family- superhero gear! I whipped up a few more double sided capes and added a handstiched felt batman mask.

I'm now working on a few paci clips, and then I think I might finally be done with Christmas gifts!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Emergency gift stash

Can you believe Christmas is almost upon us?! And more suprisingly- I have finished making and mailed Christmas cards and gifts and they will all arrive at thier various destinations a full week before Christmas!! Yay! Thats a big accomplishment for me, and I haven't actually been this organized since before having kids!
I still have a few last minute projects to complete but the end is in sight and I'm confident that it will all be done in time!

So on to this weekends project : the emergency gift stash. We are lucky enough to spend Christmas at my inlaws house ( no cooking, yay!). And my husband has a large family. So its inevitable that people drop by unexpectedly. You know, Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents and Cousins who would normally not recieve a present from us, but if they happen to show up I would feel a little guilty not having a little something for them to open. And so enters the idea of an emergency gift stash. A generic gift that almost anyone will find handy. I decided on a sunglass/eyeglass case. I had made a few of these babies earlier this year, starting when my sunglasses kept getting scratched up in my purse. I got the pattern here . It took me about 3 hrs on Saturday night to make 9 of these, including cutting, pinning, machine sewing, and hand sewing. I think they turned out pretty cute!