Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloween Costume Ribbons

My sister is having an adult Halloween party again this year and we have been searching for costume prize ribbons with no success (previous years walnart has had a cute 3 pack of ribbons). So this weekend while the husband was at a hockey game, after the little monsters were in bed, I decided to try my hand at making some. I think they turned out not too bad, considering I went at it with no real plan, and free hand embroidery, while totally distracted by an old episode of Criminal Minds. I like the skull the best, he's so cute! I make have to make something for my son that is covered in embroidery skulls! The ghost looks pretty buff, but I had no idea how to draw a convincing ghost free hand so I totally cheated and traced a cookie cutter!  Now I need to make a costume. I thought I would just buy costumes this year but after visiting every store in town and trying on a million costumes, and even buying one and returning it I decided to make mine. I bought the kids costumes, the cheap $10 pirate costumes from walmart. I figure I'll start making them costumes next year. Maybe. :)

Oh I should add- I am planning on being a pirate as well. All the store costumes are either a) too sexy. short skirts are fine, but I'm 5'9" and I guess the costumes are made for 5'2" women cuz they barely cover my butt.  Or b) in plus sizes, with floor length skirt, which of course is calf length on me. Not to mention way too big. Sigh. Well, thats my rant. I'm going to go check out the salvation army later for fabric or clothes I can repurse to piraty-ness.

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