Thursday, January 14, 2010

Return to the darkside...

I have been a terrible blogger of late! The holidays were awesome despite a round of stomach virus, and I'm glad things are finally back to a normal routine! This week also brought my return to crafting. I always feel like I need a few weeks to recover after scrambling to get all those handmade gifts done on time, not to mention the general stress of the holidays. Last week's naptimes were spent gloriously doing nothing. Watching some lame daytime tv, surfing the web reading sewing blogs, catching up on some movies, and un-christmasing our house. But now I'm back in full force to naptime crafting! 3 projects done this week, and I will share them all with you, starting with my upcycled pillowcase skirt.

I came across this vintage pillowcase back in november while helping my inlaws clean out their basement for renovations. I fell in love with the big flowers and the little bit of scaloped lace. My original intention was to make a fabulous pillowcase dress out of it but a few small holes put an end to that. Not to mention my skinny girl would be swallowed up by a billowy pillowcase dress. So it sat in my sewing pile until yesterday when I all of a sudden got the brilliant idea for a simple skirt. I made it a bit big in hopes of getting a few summers use. Too bad my little Princess was in no mood for modeling it, it looks so much cuter on her.
Don't you just love these flowers?!

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