Saturday, March 20, 2010

My personal March Madness

My kids are 2 years apart and their birthdays are 8 days apart, with St Patrick's Day smack in the middle. And our house was party central last weekend. I'm guessing this is the last year that we will be able to have combined birthday parties, and definetly the last year that our house will host, it's just not big enough for a herd of preschoolers. But as chaotic as it was, it was also alot of fun! We had 2 parties, seperating friends and family because of our lack of space and hosted about 23 people each day. Here's a peek inside the chaos:

We went with a pirate theme with a little bit of fairy princess thrown in for the girls. A pirate wall poster to colour as guests arrived. Bean bag toss game, covered in blue paper and added pirate ships (found online and printed) and drawn on waves to become "Fire the Cannons". The kids loved it! I think this is a keeper for future parties!

Of course pirates wouldn't be pirates without plenty of tattoos which were supplyed at our "Get Inked" station! A week later and my kidlets are still sporting full sleeves of fairies, flowers, cars and shamrocks!

And of course- a picture clue treasure hunt! Thought up, and brought to life entirely by my amazing husband! He took pictures of the hiding spots around the house, alternating upstairs and downstairs to tire the kids out! And he came up with awesome rhyming clues to accompany them! The last one was my favourite so I'll share it with you!

The treasure ye seek is
so close now I say
its hidden where no pirate
would go anyday
where people get clean
scrub a dub dub
go upstairs
and look in the tub!

And what was the treasure you're thinking?
Why LOOT BAGS of course! Filled with eye patches and clip on earings , bubbles, snakes, curly straws, and bouncy eye balls for the boys. And fairy sticker books, bracelets/necklaces, bubbles, sparkly bounce balls, curly straws and gel pens for the girls.
And no party is complete without cake! Or cupcakes in this case! Each with its own pirate flag!

On to party #2 the next day! The kids were oh so thrilled as you can tell! It was Raven's birthday, my little princess is 2!!
My mother-in-law made Axel an AMAZING pirate ship cake! And I turned out a mediocre fairy cake. (hey I was tired from the previous day's festivities, and the mad dash to clean up in between, give me a break!)
Happy birthday fairy princess!
Happy birthday my little man Axel!
The kids favourite gifts- scooters! (don't worry, we plan on buying helmets right away! Since then it has snowed, putting and end to any further scootering for awhile!)
Planning these parties has kept me from crafting for awhile. I did manage to turn out 17 superman/batman emblems for a friend who is planning a 4 year old superhero birthday at the end of the month, but I forgot to take a picture of them in my haste to get them in the mail. I also made a baby superhero cape for the same party, but I seem to have misplaced the pictures of it being modeled by an oversize purple monkey. Also I think my sewing machine needs a tune up, its been running rough lately, breaking threads, not winding bobbins properly and annoying me to no end! I'm hoping to get it fixed (or get a new one) soon so I can get back to crafting! I have a ton of summer projects I want to make for Raven!

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