Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snow? In October?!

Oh yeah, that's right, I live in Canada! Snow can fall in July some years so I shouldn't really be all that surprised! But I was still a little shocked to wake up this morning to a perfect winter scene out my window! And after breakfast I bundled the kids up (and discovered that my boy has outgrown his winter boots and my girl swims in the snow pants that match her coat so she had to wear her brothers old snow pants!) and headed outside to play in the first snow of the year! We even kept with the halloween theme for our snowman!

And luckily the colder weather gives me more time to spend inside sewing :) I finally finished the skirt and the shorts from the last post (I'll post pics later) and recycling blankets into clothes worked so well that I'm now in the process of making 3 pairs of lounge pants from flannel baby blankets. Actually 2 are already complete and the third is just waiting on the elastic waist, but I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet (as my model has not been cooperative of late).

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